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In the next few years renewable energy will be in the spotlight more than today with Gas & Oil prices likely to keep increasing, more and more of us will be looking to use renewable energy to heat our homes.

Anyone building their own new home will be looking to use renewable technologies to heat it, one that has been around for 40 years, but is now starting to benefit from the advancement of technology is the air source heat pump.

Some air source heat pump can now deliver a co efficiency of 4.8 or put another way for every kilowatt of electric needed to run it will deliver up 4.8 kilowatts of heat for your new home. Compared to a new efficient gas boiler which is only 90% efficient a saving of over 30% on gas a bill can be achieved.

The government by the way of their RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) will pay an allowance for 7 years for an air source heat pump which in some case may pay for the installation, this makes a very compelling case to install one. To be considered for this payment you must have your heat pump installed by an MCS accredited company.

Sentosa Renewable Ltd specialise in air source heat pumps and with 20 plus years in installing renewable energy are a registered MCS accredited company. We take care of the planning installation and all the administration, so that you can benefit from not only saving money on you fuel bills for the future but also have the latest heat technology heating your new home.

We are the preferred suppliers for Lailey and Coates and Samsung heat pumps, and have worked with both companies on a number of installations.

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