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Welcome to Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd

The UK’s leading supplier of high quality handmade and handcrafted clay roof tiles, peg tiles and machine made tiles

As part of the independently owned ET Group, we pride ourselves on our high quality product range.

Manufactured using traditional skills coupled with modern kiln technology, the Heritage Tile range is second to none, offering old world character and charm, yet able to meet modern contemporary requirements.

A wide colour choice, including innovative shades and bespoke styles are available, allowing the architect, specifier, or homeowner complete versatility to create a stunning design that will enhance any project.


The Clayhall Range

Carefully crafted to replicate all the features of handmade clay tiles, the Clayhall handcrafted range of tiles offers an excellent alternative when budget restrictions are a concern, but without compromising quality or durability.

The Clayhall range has been carefully designed with a continuous nib feature which lends itself to design flexibility in main roof and vertical situations.

Choose from dark, medium or red rustic tones combined with natural textures to create a roof with outstanding handcrafted character but with the look of traditional handmade clay tiles.

Our Clayhall product range consists of the following colours:

  • Medium Blend
  • Dark Blend
  • Red Blend


Further Information

If you would like to know more or are interested in a quote we would be happy to help, please Phone on 0121 3131939, or email us at sales@heritagetiles.co.uk  or alternatively visit our website www.heritageclaytiles.co.uk


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