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Hausmate is a smart home solution that offers customers a holistic and robust solution to their smart home needs. Hausmate prides itself on being a product that has been developed with both the builder and the home-owner in mind meaning that the solution is both simple to install and simple to live with.

Hausmate is a centralised wired system making it ideal for the self build client. The central computer known as the host can run as many or as few building services as you need - just need heating and lighting in a 2 bed bungalow, not a problem - want to control your swimming pool and multiple sets of gates or sprinkler systems in a detached rectory, also not a problem.

Hausmate has been designed to be a smart home solution for everyone, and has managed to cut out many of the complexities that have been inherent in other systems. The system does not have panels of switches or ipads mounted on walls, but uses The Haze, a lightswitch with a difference - it looks like a normal dimmer switch, and not only allows control of the lights, but can be configured to control any other services running in your home eg audio, blinds.

The system uses all standard wiring, so is simple to install, and does not need any specialist contractor.


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