Solar Power Systems


Fronius manufactures high-performance inverters for grid-connected solar PV systems with a range of components for professional system monitoring. The cornerstone to any effective PV system is an efficient inverter. This critical piece of equipment converts direct current electricity generated by PV panels into a form that can be used to power your home or be fed back into the national grid. Outstanding products and services, such as the SnapINverter range of inverters and the unique Fronius Service Partner programme, make Fronius Solar Electronics the quality leader in the global market.          

Continuing to set new standards worldwide, Fronius have released the Fronius Energy Package: An efficient storage solution including a lithium ion battery and hybrid inverter enabling excess energy from a photovoltaic system to be stored in the Fronius Solar Battery. The result is maximum self-consumption of the available power and maximum energy independence. Excess solar power can thus be used at times when generating conditions are poor or impossible. With the emergency power function, the household can enjoy an optimum electricity supply even during power outages. Perfect system configuration and monitoring is provided using the online portal or app via built-in WiFi. You can learn more about this solution by watching the video here

Fronius UK Ltd, a subsidiary of Fronius International GmbH, operates from Milton Keynes and offers  a first-class service to customers including sales, technical support and service. In addition, installers can benefit from comprehensive product training, qualifying them to become a Fronius Service Partner. This is a network of professional installers who are permitted to procure spares and dismantle Fronius inverters without invalidating the warranties. These Service Partners can therefore respond quickly to customer service requests and keep yield loss to the minimum.

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Why Solar Makes Sense

-          Protect against rising electricity prices

-          Reduce your monthly electricity bills

-          Contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases

-          Take advantage of government incentives

-          Increase the value of your home


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Address: Fronius UK Ltd, Maidstone Road, Kingston, Milton Keynes, MK10 0BD

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