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Well here we are again, Friday afternoon and it’s chucking it down!  Spare a thought for all those trying to stick to a programme to build their own homes.  I can hear it now, “What’s the matter with those bricklayers, do they dissolve in the rain? And where are my roofers, a little bit of wind and dampness won’t hurt them!  There is a salutary point to this of course, weather happens! 

And of course it’s Friday afternoon so there would be no one there anyway!  Depending on the time of year it always pays to build a little slack into your programme and then you won’t get so upset when the holes in the sky let the rain in.

Which brings me to a bit of a problem on site the other week.  We were installing a lot of expensive windows and they were supposed to be done in a week according to the supplier.  Three weeks later, still not done.  Fortunately the house owner isn’t in a tearing hurry so it’s not the end of the world, but it did mean that I had to re arrange the operations I had planned once the windows were in.  Annoying, but just one of those things and unfortunately all too common.  


Project Management

One of the problems was that a very large window on the first floor that had been designed as three pieces of glass had in fact turned up as one huge piece!  The house owner decided that this would look better than the original, so it was decided to try to lift it into place and fit it as one piece.  A crane was ordered with a sucker attachment and the lift began.  Unfortunately the frame was designed to be glazed internally and the single piece of glass was now causing extreme problems trying to get it through the hole!  In the end it took eight of us to lift it into place, but I must confess it does look good. 

Of course, if the frame had been designed to take one piece of glass it would have been externally glazed and therefore quite straightforward to do.  I can’t see any burglar removing a piece of glass weighing 250kg in order to gain access!

Now then, where’s that Ralgex………



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