Screed, days or weeks?

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The weather has turned a bit on the chilly side
just lately and isn’t great for anyone who is AT2
having a screed laid and will be looking to lay a floor finish in fairly short order. A standard sand and cement screed can take 1.0mm per day to dry out properly and it doesn’t take a genius to work out that that’s a couple of months for a typical 65mm screed! Not good if you want to get on and lay your tiles or timber flooring. Are there any ways to speed things up a bit?  Well yes, I have just had a screed laid using a special hydraulic binder instead of ordinary cement. This isn’t to be confused with a free flowing screed; everything is done in the usual way except for the substitution of the hydraulic binder. The time you need to allow before laying tiles is a matter of days and not weeks it is claimed.  

I don’t need to rush things so I will be allowing longer than that but it’s worth bearing in mind if you are in a hurry.  Cost doesn’t seem too bad either, probably around £5.00/m2 more. It was finished using a power float so looks very smooth and flat.

The product I used was from Mapei, but I’m sure other products are available!

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