Planning your new kitchen – What to do now

Following on from the previous J&S House of Design blog on ‘How to get a new kitchen by Christmas (2016)’, here’s an update of what to consider now to make sure you’re on track for getting your new kitchen, let’s have a look at the next steps to take.

Planning your new kitchen - What should be done by now?

You will hopefully have a good architect on board for your kitchen renovation by now and building a rapport is essential to a smooth running project. If planning permission was required, you may want to check the progress of your application at this stage and if you haven’t made your application yet, now is the time to do it – your architect will be able to help.

You will know your budget inside out, upside down and back to front by now and hopefully have a good builder with experience on your team or at least lined up. This is obviously an essential member of your kitchen design team, so it’s worth waiting for them to be free if they’re a really good one!

Planning your new kitchen – Get designing

So with a clear budget and timeframe in place, you can start to work on the finer details of the design yourself, before you book with your kitchen design specialist. Consider exactly how you use the space you already have and use that as a starting point to improvement and expansion.

As national specialists in home-building and renovations, J&S House of Design have come across a few potential mistakes in the layout of some client’s new kitchens. A good kitchen designer will take into account light, both natural and the placement of lighting such as LED’s, electrical appliances, footfall and ‘traffic’ within or through the room, pets, family and entertaining and much more.

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What next? Book your kitchen design specialist

As we’ve said before, the one golden rule of extending or renovating is: planning, planning and more planning! Your initial ideas may not be viable, but remember this is your dream, keep the most important elements of the kitchen you desire in mind when consulting any specialist.

J&S House of Design would be happy to offer advice on planning or designing your dream kitchen. We offer no-obligation consultations to help you iron out the wrinkles in your timeframe. We can discuss all your needs, show you materials, finish samples and appliance brands to help you consider all the details.

Then consult the plumber and flooring specialists and any other trades you require, get appointments to talk through your designs and you can start to make progress down your timeline, closer to achieving your unique dream kitchen.

When you’re ready, our state of the art CAD system presentation can be made in the comfort of your own home, or by appointment in our new design studio.

To book your no-obligation consultation, call us on 01865 596768 or visit our website:

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