How can you benefit from Solar Thermal for your self-build project?

Have you wondered why so many people are now using solar thermal to heat their homes and ensure reliable hot water supply?

Most people are affected by rising energy costs and want to find a way to reduce this expense in the long run. Solar thermal has been proven as one of the best ways to reduce the high costs of oil or gas heating, allowing you to enjoy lifelong savings by installing solar thermal in your home.


Self-Build Project and Solar Thermal

Why should you care about solar thermal energy as a self-builder? Well, if you want to make your home sustainable and energy efficient, the best way to do so is using clean and sustainable energy provided by the sun. Whilst the technology behind this energy is rather simple, it’s very efficient and a great alternative to traditional energy sources. Above all, it is cost effective.

Save up to 70% on your water heating costs

If you use solar energy to heat water in your home, you will be saving up to 70% on your yearly water heating costs. It’s clear to see why so many self-build homes in the UK are shifting toward solar thermal systems. These systems are great for our overburdened planet as well as your pocket.

Solar energy – available all year round!

Earlier homeowners in the UK believed that solar energy could be harnessed just during the summer months. Once this myth was busted, it became clear that these systems did not need direct sunlight. Diffuse sunlight was more than sufficient to trap this free, natural energy and use it to heat water and homes. So you can expect piping hot water for a soothing bath even on a cloudy, overcast day.



Kingspan Renewables

Financial Benefits as a Self-Builder with the Renewable Heat Incentive

This said, it all ‘boils’ down to the financial gains you will experience by installing solar thermal system in your self-build home. Today many solar experts in the UK recommend to opt for vacuum tubes instead of flat panels that are so popular. Vacuum tubes are said to be 30 percent more efficient compared to panels.

Furthermore, the UK government has launched the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme on 9 April 2014. Herein, domestic users are paid an incentive of 19.2 pence per kilowatt hour (kWh) for hot water only. This payment is valid for the initial seven years and is linked to the index. So, if you install a 3m2 (30 tubes) system that generates 1593 kWh per year, you will receive £306 as RHI annual payments. This adds up to £2,142 over seven years.

However, what is interesting is the savings you experience in these seven years. Compared to using oil for heating your home, you will have a total savings of £3,593 over the seven years of RHI and an estimated total savings of £8,708 over the 25 years of the product’s life.

Should You Do the Solar Thermal Installation?

Even though you may be adept at installing the solar thermal unit yourself, it is best to get a professional to do it on your behalf. The installation process does not take long, so your self-build project’s timelines will not be adversely affected. Also, when a professional does the installation, you will get a much longer warranty on the system. Kingspan Solar offer 20 years warranty – find out more at Look to install the solar thermal system between spring and summer to receive optimal benefits.


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