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Interior design - space for who?

Last month saw the latest in interior trends unveiled at the prestigious 100% Design show held at Olympia, London. As the longest running contemporary design event, industry professionals were poised to learn the next big thing for interior trends. 

During an inspirational Q+A session Designer and Creative Director Ilse Crawford described buildings as changing the way we behave. Ilse puts human needs and desires at the forefront of her work and encourages everyone to do the same, she offered some fundamental tips for those designing or remodelling their homes.

"Focus space on what's right for the audience, think about how you will use a room and who will spend most time there."

Be bold with bathrooms

Patterns are paramount when it comes to this seasons tile trends. This seasons tiles mimic mosaics which are traditionally made from a collection of small pieces and they thought to add energy and richness to a space by breaking the monotony of a plain or more conventional wall covering. If the thought of bolt patterns is too much then why not consider a statement tile arrangement over a sink or as a feature within a shower enclosure.                

We're smitten with Sottini who launched their new range at the show. The Sottini brand has a long heritage in producing high-quality bathroom products and as part of their dynamic vision for the future the brand has undergone an evolution, responding to the needs and aspirations of its customers. Products from the Sottini range will be showcased in Potton's fifth show house which will open spring 2016. 

If you're looking to make a statement then their new Amusa vessel washbasin could be for you with its quirky and fun design. 

 Pattern2 IMG_1321

Image: Porcelano                               Amusa vessel basin by Sottini

Toy with texture

If you aren't keen on being experimental with colour then using texture to create a unique feel in the home is a great option. There are two types of texture, tactile or visual. Tactile texture relates to the actual feeling of a surface – smooth, rough, soft, hard, etc. Visual texture is our perception of what a texture might feel like. In other words, we often make assumptions about the texture of a material based on our memory. We like these from the British Ceramic Tile range.


Grey- here to stay?

You heard it here first; grey will see another day, in fact, another season if not more. It seems we just can't get enough of the shade and this colour was weaved throughout most the exhibits at this year's show. Dove grey is the new background colour, communicating ideas of purity, peace and most importantly pause. Grey is great as it goes with everything. 

Design for the daring

It's always been said that self builders are the industry innovators. What a self builder experiments with today a developer will inherit tomorrow. If you're looking for something bespoke then tailored art can make for a statement piece inside the home. Artist Ben Mowsley works freehand to create scenes and abstracts onto walls and furniture. Find out more here

IMG_1329 IMG_1330


Winter trends 

We've compiled a summary of some of this year's top trends to keep you on track. 

1. Top two shades - Deep blue and teal green

2. Pair a tradtional/old table with modern seats - Lombok's Artisan dining table inspired by the industrial trend is a beautiful way to introduce a focal point of your dining. Pair with vintage style metal cafe chairs to complete the look. Potton customers enjoy 15% off Lombok simply use code POTTON15 on check-out. The full Lombok range is on show in our Gransden show home - find out more here.

3. Statement lights - Brass is everywhere at the moment, if you prefer something a little more 'english' how about this teapot pendent from Original BTC

Winter Edit


Creating the look - Book your FREE place  
Creating The Look

If you've an appetite for more interior design inspiration, Potton have gathered some of the leading experts in the field and would like to invite you to come along to meet them face to face at our Self-Build Centre in St Neots on Friday 30th October. 

Featuring tips from experienced experts, including Dulux Design Service, Lombok and British Ceramic Tile, this one-day event focuses on creating the look for your new Potton home. This day will be an excellent opportunity to meet face-to-face with various self-build suppliers and interior design experts to ask questions and gather ideas for your home self build. To book please visit our Self Build Academy website here