How to future proof your home and what to consider

For those currently self building this is the perfect time to consider future proofing your home. Whether you’re looking to achieve a Hollywood-style cinema room or simply utilise smart devices such as tablets and laptops around the home, you need to consider the infrastructure early on.

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Plan Ahead

Achieving a fully future-proof home requires some good planning in advance to design the necessary cabling infrastructure to allow for robust wired and wireless networks, high definition video distribution, multi-room audio, lighting control and the integration of smart home technologies. 

Whilst the initial outlay for some or all of these items can soon start to mount up, provided the property is correctly pre-wired you can look at starting with core parts of the home and adding addition zones or rooms on in the later months or even years. 

Allowing for space of the necessary cabling routed throughout the property is something that should be considered as early as possible. Consulting with your Potton Self Build Consultant and building contractor at this stage will make them aware and will save a lot of time and potential costs during the build. If this all sounds a bit daunting then you can contact Aperio AV who have years of experience dealing with the various trades and can liaise directly with Potton on your behalf saving you time and avoiding the potential headaches. 

Housing Equipment

You’ll also need to consider an area to house the rack and equipment needed to distribute the various sources around your home. Typically known as the ‘Head End’ this would need to be placed in either a plant room, office, basement, outbuilding, utility or boot room. It needs to have good ventilation as the equipment can get hot which can seriously reduce the lifespan of the products and lead to system instability. 

You may be surprised to see the amount of cable potentially required to run to various rooms of the property from the ‘head end/plant room’. This is best loomed to a good quality AV rack that allows ease of access and maintenance for the future.



Stand out from the crowd

Most self builders are building their dream home, however some will be intending to build another in the future and therefore selling their property on. It’s worth considering, if you do sell in several years, that a correctly wired and future proofed property can be more enticing to a client or potential buyer and set you apart from the rest of the crowd. 

Whilst there is a general rule of thumb for the right cabling for each purpose, every design is slightly bespoke as each individual property has a different layout and therefore good design will leave you options for the future without compromising the initial system. 

If you’d like further information about home automation  then please contact Aperio AV, who are a Potton-approved audio-visual partner, they will be happy to help and discuss your options. 

Aperio AV have recently completed the first phase of the audio-visual makeover in our Ruskin show home at the National Self Build Centre in Swindon. Why not visit the centre and have a play with the home-automation in the house. To find out more about the makeover click here.


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