Kingspan ULTIMA™

The Kingspan ULTIMA™ building system offers the highest performance of any timber frame wall solution available on the market today.

ULTIMA™ delivers an unrivalled level of airtightness  with practically eliminated Cold Bridging due to the face fitting of the industry leading Kingspan Kooltherm insulation. The Kingspan Ultima building system can meet the U-Value, Thermal Bridging and Airtightness performance requirements for Passivhaus (Passive House) Design.

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Ultima Render


The provision of a dedicated service void maintains the integrity of both the insulation an airtightness of the panels. The ULTIMA™ panel jointing systems maintains continuity of airtightness not only at panel to panel joints, but also at critical junctions with foundations, floors and roof.
In whole building airtightness tests, ULTIMA™ has consistently delivered permeability's less than 2m3/ @ 50pa. The Air Leakage barrier dressed into openings allows a simple tape seal to windows and doors.

Thermal Bridging

Continuity of the high performace Kooltherm™ Insulation internal lining, not only ensures the elimination of cold bridging within the ULTIMA™ panels, but also at critical joints including foundations, floors and roof. 

Fire Performance

The use of Kingspan Kooltherm™ Insulation as an overlay (minimum 25mm) within the ULTIMA™ Patented Insulated Structural Panels improves the structural integrity of the system in the event of a fire and complies fully with the requirements of the Building Regulations. ULTIMA™ has an independently tested fire resistance performance* of 30 minutes with only a single layer of 12.5mm plasterboard (minimum density 860 g/m3) fixed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Should 60 minutes fire resistance be required, this can be achieved with a single layer of 15mm Siniat Pregyflam board.

*Fire test undertaken by Exova Uk Ltd in accordance with BS EN 1365-1: 2012