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If you want to build a Potton home then the Graven Hill site could present an opportunity to do so. The site already has outlined planning permission for 1,900 new homes which will be accompanied by a primary school, offices, shops and a local pub.

The site is currently occupied by the Ministry of Defence but will be vacated over the next few years. Graven Hill boasts direct access to the bypass that surrounds Bicester and is just 3 miles from junction 9 of the M40.


The options are endless in regard to house types; you don’t need to adhere to a certain uniform design for your new home.

Graven Hill will have terraced houses, apartments and semis as well as plenty of space for detached houses. The planning permission will ensure that all the houses are constructed in a sustainable and energy efficient manner.

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Over half of us dream of one day building our own home but finding a suitable building plot can often be a barrier. A new site in Bicester, Oxfordshire is set to change this when the new Graven Hill redevelopment project gets underway.

The project will combine Custom Build, Community Build and Self Build projects across the 600 hectare site.

No matter how big or small your self build dream, Graven Hill will provide an opportunity, from larger individual plots through to more modest plots for those on a smaller budget. The site is large enough to accommodate over 1,000 self build homes.

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Many people think that self build means laying the bricks yourself, this is not the case. Many of Potton’s customers choose to self build ‘with clean hands’ meaning that we take care of the build process for them.

With Potton you choose the level of involvement and there is an option to suit everyone, depending on your skills, timescales, budget and whether you're working alone or alongside other families.

You could choose to manage and build yourself or employ a project manager. You may wish to employ your own builder or utilise a Potton approved builder. Alternatively, you could decide to put your feet up, let us take care of everything and provide you with a full Potton Build turnkey service. Take a look at Potton's routes to build here...

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Visit the Graven Hill website for a list of frequently asked questions